Hey hey everyone!

So, I should be unpacking right now but I’m procrastinating because unpacking just means my “vacation” with my Mr is over and I’m in denial…yep, I choose to be in denial and pretend I’m still at his place with him playing the Walking Dead Game (Yep ladies and gentlemen this girl right here played a computer game and not only finished it but also LOVED it and might or might not be addicted right now..) and eating yogurt with cookies..and making him go outside to see if there’s an intruder because I hear a noise and then go after him because I’m afraid he might get attacked…I’m crazy haha

Anyways..should be time to start getting back to the real world..

Have a great day!




  1. Wednesday January 2nd, 2013 / 01:25 PM

    Rosie, I have been really away from blogosphere lately but I missed you and your post, just stopped by to say Happy new year, I hope you had a great holidays with your boy.
    Ps you can take another day off before going back to real work, I'm sure you deserve it.

  2. Thursday January 3rd, 2013 / 09:14 PM

    Aw thank you Laia!! I did, we spent the New Years Eve together!


  3. Thursday January 3rd, 2013 / 09:15 PM

    Pois…agora é altura para os exames…


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