Pregnancy Diaries: the first trimester and how I found out

As you guys probably already know from this post, I am currently on my second trimester of my first pregnancy. Today’s post will cover the first trimester, what my first symptoms were and if the dreaded nausea was a bad as everyone makes it to be. 

Weeks 1 to 4

Technically, you are not really pregnant the first two weeks, but since it is pretty hard for doctors to pinpoint when ovulation happens and thus when fertilization and implantation of the embryo takes place, doctors start counting on the first day of your last period.

Weeks 3 and 4 are pretty uneventful too. Usually the first pregnancy simptoms are pretty similar to those of PMS, so a lot of women assume they are getting their period and only take a test once those simptoms don’t go away and their period doesn’t show. In my case, I don’t know if it is because I am pretty in tune with my body or not, but I immediately noticed something was “wrong”. 

The first thing I noticed (and which has not yet gone away) was acne. I’m not talking about a few pimples here and there, I am talking full blown acne on the face! My face got covered in tiny pimples, some of them with white pus in them. Also, my face started being red (which actually just made me look a bit “tan” and therefore helped mask the acne). Now, I have never – and I mean never – had acne. EVERI was pretty lucky as a teen, I only got the odd pimple around the time of my period and that has pretty much been it until now. So I knew something wasn’t right – and I also knew it wasn’t anything I had eaten, because I had not changed my diet. 

I also had extreme PMS simptoms, which I had never experienced. Yes, I know I am pretty lucky in that department, as I “only” suffered from extreme cramps while on my period. I knew something was different and at first I even thought it was just my body getting back on track after 10+ years on the pill. 

Weeks 5 to 12

I took my first test four weeks and three days after my last period, while Markus rolled his eyes in the living room. Ok, I really cannot blame him, since even while on the pill I would take tests at the slight nausea (I lived with a fear of getting pregnant for a long time, which we can discuss in another post). However, until that day EVERY.SINGLE.TEST had been negative. As in, only one line visible. This day, there was a faint second line.

knew that meant I was pregnant, after having taken hundreds of tests (not even joking here, don’t even want to think about how much money I wasted throughout the years) I knew what that second line meant. I sent a photo to my best friend R. and she immediately confirmed that was how it happened with her, when she was pregnant with her son. Markus still rolled his eyes at me, the non-believer, which I cannot blame. 

So, naturally, I went to the doctors the following week. While (obviously) there was nothing you could see in the ultrasound, he did send my blood to check for any HcG levels (the hormone that your body produces once you are pregnant). The next day I called to get the results and the lady on the phone said “Yup, it’s still early days, but you’re pregnant alright!” 

By weeks 6 to 8 I really was just tired (and my face still resembled a battlefield). That was pretty much it, honestly! I felt somewhat bloated, especially starting week 6, but I was aware that was no where near being a baby bump. I slept like a baby – pun intended – and the only thing I really noticed was that I could not stomach coffee. Now, let me tell you, THAT was a problem!!! I am a huge coffee lover and not being able to even smell the stuff pretty much broke my heart.

What about the nausea? 

Let me tell you: whenever someone finds out someone else is pregnant, the first thing they ask is if you had really bad nausea. Honestly, it’s pretty annoying. 

I can consider myself pretty lucky though, as I did not have to throw up once. Thank goodness, because THAT was my biggest fear. I have had Emetophobia (phobia of vomiting and/or seeing someone vomit) ever since I can remember, so I didn’t care about the nausea part, it was the possibility of having to throw up that made me scared.

Regarding the nausea, for me it started at around week 7 and lasted until week 12. Now, 5 weeks may seem a lot, but not everyday is the same. Some days I was nauseous, some not so much. I noticed it would get a lot worse if I hadn’t eaten anything for a while and if I ate something every 2 to 3 hours, I’d keep it in check. Also, the term “morning sickness” is utterly wrong! For me it was more of an “evening sickness” or “empty stomach sickness”. Eating was difficult though, because nothing really sounded good, so I mostly stuck to crackers and the odd chocolate in the afternoon – I found that helped curb the nausea in the afternoon. 

Other simptoms

Other than my face looking like the surface of the moon and the tiredness, I am lucky not to have had much more. My stomach area hurt from time to time, which is normal, since everything is shifting to make place for the growing baby. One good thing that came with the pregnancy: my asthma got a lot better!!!

In the first trimester, when I was not feeling nauseous, I was extremely hungry. I mean really hungry, which was totally new to me! Through all the years of me starving and binging, I stopped having a real hunger feeling. I knew when I was “hungry”, if my stomach growled, but I did not feel hunger. So this was definitely something new and I mus say, I wasn’t sure what it was at first! Weirdly I hardly ever craved sweet things (apart from the piece of chocolate in the afternoon at work) and I could have eated steaks for every meal. Or carbs. Boy, did I want carbs!!

Ironically, I felt like I was constantly eating, yet I lost 7 kg in those first months. This is nothing to worry about! I started this pregnancy somewhat overweight and losing weight doesn’t harm the baby, since it takes all nutrients that it needs from me anyway. I will actually be happy if I manage to keep my weight gain to a minimum.

I hope you liked this (very long) post. If there is anything you want to know, just send me a message! From now on I will start writing weekly or bi-weekly posts.


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