Plus Size Outfit: Resting bitch face

Resting Bitch Face

There is something I’ve known all my life, even when I didn’t know what it was: I have a resting bitch face. 

Yup, that’s right. Seriously, just check the pictures below of the new Plus Size Outfit! 

Plus Size Oufit

All my life I heard things like “are you mad?”, “what’s wrong?” or “you’re so arrogant!”. Usually from people who didn’t really know me, definitely from my aunts and uncles. For a very long time I didn’t understand why I would get questions like these when I was simply not smiling or was just looking serious. To a certain degree it was even hurtful.

Plus Size Oufit

It’s so bad, that even today I still keep in mind that I need to smile. Simply crazy, when you actually think about it, right? But I also don’t want to be called arrogant just because of my face expression! My friend Ray once told me she would never think that of me, because I’m always in a good mood and nice. Now that made me smile!

Plus Size Oufit

I see so many bloggers with serious expressions on their faces and can’t keep but thinking of how lucky they are. If you think about it, it’s all a question of perception, right? What I think is so bad because I am traumatized due to all the comments I got to hear might be totally high fashion and professional to someone else. Well, I should probably practice my posing if I want to be a model.

Plus Size Oufit

Now you know why I’m usually always smiling in my pictures! 

What do you think? Do you prefer to see smiles in pictures or do you think serious faces look more professional? I’d love to hear your honest opinions! 



  1. Hubert Waldherr
    Monday March 20th, 2017 / 09:47 PM

    Gut dass ich dich kenne. Ich sehe wenn du innerlich lachst. Hdl.

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