Plus Size Outfit: Out of your comfort zone

A few weeks ago we met with some friends for lunch in Linz. I wanted to take outfit pictures and already had this outfit on the back of my mind for a while. However, it did not really go the way I expected it to.

Plus Size Outfit Linz

Does this also happen to you? You see an outfit in Blogs or a magazine and get inspired? I follow a lot of Plus Size Bloggers and love to get inspiration from them, seeing the outfits and thinking how I could do something similar with the items I own.

I love skirts and got this one last Autumn at C&A. Various outfits ideas immediately entered my mind, but I didn’t have the guts to try it out. Until this particular Sunday.

Plus Size Outfit Linz

The boots are from Vögele and I got them in the beginning of the Winter, because I wanted pretty boots that I could wear with dressed/skirts during Winter. Unfortunately they’re not warm at all, but then again that’s not why I got them – I wanted them to look more put together. 

The sweater is actually somewhat older, from H&M+. I like it because it’s light and chic and even has a shirt detail at the end (it’s tucked into the skirt here).

Plus Size Outfit Linz

I was feeling very uncomfortable the day these pictures were taken, even though I liked the outfit. My stomach was extremely bloated and it hurt. Whenever I am this bloated, my mind immediately goes into “eating disorder” mode and I don’t want to eat anything and only want to drink green tea.

As a blogger, I put my pictures online and I share (parts) of my life with you. But I’m also a person, with problems, “problem-areas”, with feelings and thoughts.

One of the the most important things to me, as a blogger and a woman, is that the people who read my blog also are aware of my struggles. It would be a lot easier to write that I was doing great and felt so comfortable in the outfit – pretending to be confident and not showing any weakness. However, that’s not me. I’m a real woman, with a real life and that’s how I am showing it and sharing it with you. 

Plus Size Outfit Linz

It might not be my best outfit, I might not look my best in these pictures with my bloated stomach. But I had fun, I laughed and even had some cake that day and it was a very good Sunday! And that’s why I’m sharing it with you guys.

Do you also have these days when you don’t feel confident? How do you deal with that? 


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  1. Tuesday March 14th, 2017 / 11:24 AM

    Ich hoffe es geht dir wieder gut – hatte ebenfalls lange mit solchen Beschwerden zu kämpfen und weiß, wie du dich gefühlt hast. Der Rock bzw. das Outfit steht dir gut 🙂 Vor allem ist er vielseitig einsetzbar, auch für abends!

    LG Julia

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