Easy Recipe: The healthy low carb alternative to pizza!

Who doesn’t love pizza? Pizza is good, it’s cheezy, it’s yummy. It’s also somewhat unhealthy and in my case the dough is not good on my tummy. But when I saw this recipe on pinterest, I imediately wanted to do it at home! All the yummyness without the badness! How I do this low carb version of pizza? Check it out below!

low carb pizza

It’s a zuchini pizza – all the yummyness of the pizza without the carbs! What you need to do this? Here are the ingredients:

  • Zuchini,
  • Olive oil,
  • Tomato sauce,
  • Mozarella,
  • Any other ingredients you’d put in a pizza,
  • Spices

You cut the zuchini into circles about 1-2cm thickness. You take the olive oil and coat the zuchini with it. Take a hot pan and put the zuchini circles in the pan and let them get grilled for a few minutes, until they get some color.

Then you take the circles and lay them on a tray, put the tomato sauce, the cheese and the remaining ingredients. I usually like to put the spices right over the tomato sauce, but sometimes we put them on top of the cheese, like in these photos.

Lastly, you put them in the oven at 180º for about 20 minutes and let the cheese melt and get some color. It’s really up to you how long you let them in the oven and how high, I like them to melt slowly, so the cheese gets some even color. 

low carb pizza

They taste amazing and are low carb! 

They are totally easy to make and I think kids would love it to. You could eat them with your hand if you take a smaller zuchini, but I like doing it “the grown up way”. 

Have you ever tried low carb options of pizza?


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