Personal Wednesday: How to get over someone!

Hello pretty readers!

Welcome to another Personal Wednesday’s! On last post I got a comment asking something and I thought about it and, the question relates to something personal I went through (pretty recently too) and I decided to answer it =D

The question was:


I just wanted to say this post was very inspiring and made me admire you very much! I’ve been reading your blog for a while now and this is the first time I comment here. I really think you are a very sweet and nice girl and I can imagine being friends with you (if we lived in the same country :P)

My question is: I’ve read in your blog that you went through a hard break-up and I wanted to know how did you manage to get over him? Me and my boyfriend broke up on the 14th (I know, Valentine’s Day!) and I’ve been having trouble getting over him 🙁 I just feel so lost and sad…will this feeling ever go away??

I hope you answer my question Rose!


(this is a copy-paste since I’m not cool and can’t do a print-screen! But if you want to see the original, just go to last’s Personal Wednesday’s comments!)
Now to the answer:
First of all, thank you so much for you comment! 
Secondly: that guy sucks! (sorry to tell you!) broke up pretty recently and by now you obviously are having a hard time, it’s only been a couple of days!!! I don’t know what happened and if there is any going back, so I can’t really help you much.. BUT, I know what probably may make you feel better! Friends!
Yes, friends! When I broke up with my ex I was in a pretty bad place, I must admit it! Explaining it very shortly, he cheated on me..had the guts to tell me and after I just couldn’t deal with that and all the sh*t that he’d done to me and the way he treated me, even after I was there for him every time he needed it, stopped talking to me when I had unfinished business with him. 
I tried to be strong, but the first few days I wasn’t fooling anyone! I went to the University and stayed at the bar the whole day with some friends..they would cheer me up when I was down, laugh with me when I laughed and yell at me every time I tried to defend him or excuse his behavior (because was inexcusable!!!). I would have times where i was fine and then something (even the smallest thing) would make me cry…and then my good friend L would come running from wherever he would be and hug me until I stopped! (He’s the best..I love him!!). At first it would be hard not to think about him, after all we had went through…after him lying to me.. But eventually, I started to stop thinking about was gradual, but I wouldn’t think of him 24/7! 
A month after our break up, I went on a date! (Ok, I didn’t really know it was a date by then, i just thought it was coffee!!!) And, although I wasn’t ready to date, in the sense that I wasn’t ready to start something new, it went great and I loved it!!! I’m now at a point where I hardly ever think about him and when I do, it’s not hurtful anymore and I can be objective.
Dear M, I don’t know what went down between you and your boyfriend (or how long you were together), but I do know, the best way to get over a break up is giving it time! Be with your friends! If you’re at home and start getting sad because you’re thinking of him, grab the phone a call your best friend!! I did that and it helped (A LOT!). Don’t try to rush things! Don’t say anything you’ll regret afterwards (I know this is hard, but really try). Go out with friends and do the things you love! Eventually it will stop hurting and you won’t be sad anymore when you see him or think of him! Do try and be friends at once! You might now even want to be his friend later on (I don’t!)..right now, you’re seeing things from a broken heart perspective and you need to be able to see things clearly before you get over him. 
I’m not saying you will forget him (unless you hit your head and get amnesia!), because if he was someone who touched your heart, then that will be impossible to forget! But, you might realize that you learned from this relationship and that you had good moments that are worth remembering, when the time is right!
And,l trust me, when you get over him, your friends and everybody else will see it!! On the first day of Uni, last week, when I met one of my best friends, B (who was there for me during that whole time!) looked at me and the first thing she said was “You look HAPPY! And sexy!!!” and she was so happy for me! Because, she was one of the people who would get my phone calls and texts and she was always there for me, she was one of the people who actually could see how happy and how much better I am right now!
Don’t be sad because you are single! Single is good, it gives you the chance to know YOURSELF better! Don’t look for someone to make you happy…look for someone to share your happiness with them! =D
I hope this helps you and please feel free to send me a message on my Facebook Page or on my Twitter! And let me know how it goes, ok?
*Hugs and Kisses*


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