A personal present: Mein Cewe Fotobuch

I love photography, taking pictures and capturing the moment is one of my favorite things to do. Markus and I have a photo album where we print some of our pictures and put them in there. But for a while now I have wanted to actually have a Fotobook. Enter Mein Cewe Fotobook!

Cewe is a website where you can make your own fotobooks, posters, postcards, invitations, whatever your heart desires – with your most favorite photographs! You can download the program onto your computer, choose the format you want to have and then it’s only a matter of choosing the photographs, laying them up and ordering the book! It’s one of the biggest photo websites in Austria and even won the Stiftung Warentest’s test in 2015!

I did it and today I’m showing you how to get your very own Mein Cewe Fotobook!

Cewe Fotobook

(I am very open about my life here on the blog and that’s my personal choice, but Markus is a very private person, therefore his face will have hearts and smileys covering it.) 

I wanted to create something special for us to remember our first year living together in a way that we could always see, but would still be personal. So I downloaded the Cewe program onto my computer, chose the photos and decided on this lovely fotobook.

It wasn’t that easy though. The program is pretty intuitive and the only hard part will be choosing which format you will actually want to go with. MY problem was that since my computer was hacked in the beginning of the year, it’s never really been the same, so it refused to accept the program and once it finally did, it would freeze and I’d need to start all over. Luckily I have good friends who were able to fix the problem! 

Cewe Fotobook

Once my computer accepted the program, I was able to choose the photographs and load them onto the layout of the fotobook. Yes, they show you the layout, you basically have all creative control and are able to choose how many photographs, how big or small and where they will be. And at the end you’ll be able to see the whole fotobook even before you order it! How amazing is that? 

I decided to choose photos from our most important moments in our first year together, like our trip to Portugal or our first date.

Cewe fotobook

You can also choose what type of paper you want to have, I went with the semi-matte one, because I didn’t want to go all matte, nor all shiny. The golden middle! 

Since this was the first book (oh yes, I’m already planning on getting more!) I went with a simple layout and didn’t want to put too many photographs on each page, so we could really focus on the moments pictured.

Cewe fotobook

Of course, our little tigers couldn’t be left out!

Cewe fotobook

This was not only our first Christmas together, but also my very first one in Austria (and without my parents). None of us had ever had a real “Weihnachstskranz” since moving our of our parents homes and we got the one pictured above in a Christmas market. I thought it was something that needed to be pictured.

Mein Cewe fotobook

The last picture I chose is the only one taken in 2016, when we went to the Kristallwelten. It leaves space open for a next fotobook and is also a milestone for both of us, it was my very first time being invited to something in Austria because of my blog and the first time I shared the experience with Markus – I just couldn’t leave it out!

Mein Cewe fotobook

What I really liked about the whole experience? It is completely and totally personalized! You can choose the front, the back and all the photographs inside. The type of paper, the size, everything can be controlled by you! At the end, you’ll get exactly what you wanted!

Our book lives in our living room and we can look at it whenever we want to! 

After ordering it you only need to wait a few days to get it – they say 2 weeks, but I got mine within a week. I think it depends on the size, the amount of photographs and where you’re ordering it to. Of course I ended up ordering it to our previous address, because I’m dumb clumsy and didn’t think about it. I ended up calling the hotline and the customer service was really good, they were able to change the order and I got it sent directly to our new apartment. That’s what I call a good customer service!

This is a very good idea for a present for your parents for example – parents are suckers for fotobooks! – and you can even order mugs, phone covers, tablet covers – you name it! I would really suggest you check it out, there’s something for everyone!

Have you ever ordered a fotobook or anything from Cewe? Let me know what you ordered and what your overall experience was!



  1. Friday August 19th, 2016 / 10:58 PM

    So ein Fotobuch ist wirklich eine tolle und sehr individuelle Geschenkidee 🙂
    Habe ich auch schon sehr oft verschenkt 🙂

    Ich würde mich sehr freuen, wenn wir uns gegenseitig folgen und uns so unterstützen <3

    Liebe Grüße


    • Rosie Waldherr
      Tuesday September 20th, 2016 / 08:35 PM

      Ja, man kann es total individuell machen, ich finde es toll =D

  2. Sunday August 28th, 2016 / 08:03 PM

    Fotobücher sind einfach großartig! Es ist so toll, wenn man die Fotos dann endlich auch in gedruckter Form sieht und sie nicht einfach auf irgendeiner Festplatte vergammeln… *_*

    • Rosie Waldherr
      Tuesday September 20th, 2016 / 08:37 PM

      Genau, es ist viel besser sie doch auch irgendwo zu sehen, das kein PC oder Tablet ist!

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