Plus Size Outfit: Valentine’s day is whenever we want

Last Sunday was Valentine’s day. I spent it in the hospital and Markus went skiing with his best friend and then came to see me. We don’t give that much importance to Valentine’s day, since our anniversary is right around the corner. Besides, even though we always gift each other a small gift, we show each other every day how much we care about one another – we don’t need a day to celebrate our love, because we do it every day!

So I decided to show you a very romantic outfit, that you can wear whenever you’re going out with your boyfriend/girlfriend, because Valentine’s Day is whenever we want it to be!


I decided to choose a very feminine 50-60’s like dress. It’s feminine, it’s colorful, it has polka dots and it flatters almost every body shape! Pair it with a cardigan for colder days or evenings, I chose a white one to go with the polka dots of the dress – plus, a classic cardigan always looks good.

For shoes I would choose either pumps or ballerinas. Black pumps always go, with every outfit. As for the ballerinas, I’d go with a shade similar to your skin shade – which is why I chose pretty light ones, they’d make my legs looks longer. Just as the pumps, black ballerinas also always go! A black clutch would be perfect for an evening date, but if it has a chain it’ll also work for daytime.

For jewelry I’d keep it classic. I actually own a pair of earrings exactly like these – a birthday gift from my parents a few years ago. They’re a staple and I wear them on a daily basis, whenever I don’t know what to wear, I always reach out to these. For a necklace I’d choose something simple, yet feminine. I loved this combination, because it is just one necklace, that has two different lengths and pendents. It ties the look together. You could always add a scarf or a jacket.

How do you like this outfit? What would you wear on a romantic date?


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