{Plus Size Outfit} Lady in pink..

Hey hey everyone!
I’m so tired today..couldn’t manage to fall asleep because I had a million things going through my mind..as soon as I get into bed, that’s when it all starts..is anyone else like that? I wish I could just fall asleep as soon as I get into bed..
Anyways, I’m back with another outfit for you guys! I wore this the other day and loved it…it felt really comfortable but not too casual.. I got this shirt the last time me and my Mum went on a shopping spree before I left.. I love the colour (I have one in blue too) and how comfortable it is..also, how versatile it is..I want to style it with a skirt and some heels..as soon as I get some heels..haha
I tucked my boot-cut jeans into my boots to make it more comfortable, especially because the jeans are a bit big on me now, it makes for a very casual outfit..
For my makeup I just used my Naked 3 Palette and then some black eyeliner (I finally found my eyeliner!!! I thought I’d lost it, but it was just in my big bag..the adventures of moving countries…)
I also wore my only vibrant pink lipstick, Impassioned by MAC. I love this shade, but somehow when I had light blonde hair I felt like a barbie wearing it! Now that my hair is darker I really like it!!! I tried getting it back to my dark blonde shade before I left, but nothing happened..but now it seems like it is getting lighter..I’m actually liking it how it is now!!
Do you have any plans for Satuday? I may check out the flea-market that they have every Saturday at the Naschmarkt area..I’ll see how I feel about it tomorrow!


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