{Plus Size Outfit} Colour blocking

Hey hey everyone!
Last week I attempted putting some colour blocking into my outfit. If I’m honest, this is a fashion trend I’ve always liked, but have also always been very scared to try…well I guess it took me moving countries to finally try it out, huh? 
I wore my jeans with the red shirt and then a bright blue cardigan on top of it. I was a bit scared o trying this look, but in the end I loved it and a girl that works in the coffee shop I went to even told me she liked my outfit! 
I topped the outfit with my boots, they’re comfy and I feel they go with everything! Can you spot Cookie in the picture?
Since I had second day hair but didn’t have time to wash it (what, drying hair takes a long time, ok?) I decided to do some twists in the front and pin them back. For makeup I opted for just some mascara and later on some lipgloss.
Oh, and by the way, I always have my coat on when I’m outside!
What do you guys think? 


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