On the hunt for the perfect jacket

Even though I like fashion, I am not a fashionable person. I know what fits me and what looks good and I usually stick to that. Which is probably the reason why I have the same  winter jacket since September 2010. It’s a plain black jacket that I got for 50€ from C&A in a shopping mall called Cascaisshopping in Portugal. It was, at the time, the most expensive item I ever bought with my own money. I can wear it as a normal winter jacket in Portugal, but here in Austria I wear it in the end of Winter/beginning of Fall.
Having all of that said, I have been playing with the thought of getting a new jacket for the “inbetween” season here in Vienna, because even though I love my trusted black C&A 50€ jacket, after 5 years wearing it non stop, I’m getting kinda bored. I didn’t want a black jacket, I didn’t want a jacket too much on trend, basically I want to get a jacket that I can wear for years to come, but is not black…does this make sense?
I saw the jacket above at H&M for 50€ and I like the fact that it’s a light pink, easily considered a neutral, that I could wear with basically anything. I like that it is simple and just enough trendy that I can still see myself wearing it in the next few years.
But while scouting the website I also saw this one above! Yes, it is black, yes I said I don’t want a black jacket, but I really like the cut of it. It’s a crepe type of material, which makes it extremely lightweight (maybe somewhat too lightweight?) and you can use the belt to bring shape to your body. At 70€ it’s a bit more expensive that the first one.
What do you think? Which one do you guys think should I go for?


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