Nicole Scherzinger: a strong woman!

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I should actually be studying right now, but after reading this article about Nicole Scherzinger, I just cannot focus…so I decided to write about this!
I believe we all are familiar with her, but if you’re not, she was (is?) one of the singers of the Pussycat Dolls! She is not only an amazing singer, but she has a smoking hot body!! 
In the article I mentioned, she talks about her struggle with a very Bulimia…I read it and saw the clips because I was just…well…speechless!! This is a woman that, to me, was always the epitome of strength! She always seemed like such a strong woman that it just never occurred to me that she could be going through something like that..
Knowing myself what an eating disorder is and how hard it is to keep it from everyone and how down it makes us feel and how unworthy we think we are, I cannot but feel for her! Nicole was one of the people whom I admired (and now even more!) for being so strong and for keeping herself fit! Now even more, because I know it didn’t come easy to  her and somehow I just want to go and hug her (in my mind a hug always helps =P)
I think sometimes we forget that the beautiful and pretty people also may have their own hidden problems! Just because someone looks good, that doesn’t mean that they’re healthy, just like a chubby person might be in better shape than any of us!! 
This just really makes me think, because we never know…she is such an inspiration and now I feel even more related to her. I think she’s so strong and so beautiful, inside and out and I think it had to take a lot of courage to come out with something like this to all her fans and friends and family and everyone that looks up to her…
Don’t judge a book by it’s cover because you never know what might be underneath!
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