New in: Sleek, Essie and more!

Hey hey everyone!
One of the last times I was in Lisbon I went to get a couple of things and that’s what I’m showing you today!
I wanted to get the Sleek palette for a while, as an alternative to the Naked palette or until I wait for the 3rd one to be launched in Portugal!
This beautiful necklace was actually bought in my town and I just love it! I was a bit torn between this and a silver one they had, but this gold one was definitely the right decision!! 
When I was in El Corte Inlges in Lisbon I saw the Essie stand was on sale and you could get 3 polishes for the price of two, so I decided to take advantage of that, since I needed some good quality nail polishes! 
I got this “no chips ahead” top coat for free! I still need to test it out, but I’ll let you know what I thought about it! =D
 photo sign_zps277cd3a3.png



  1. Thursday December 5th, 2013 / 04:01 PM

    I've tried that one too and liked it a lot, but since my nails have been chipping a lot lately I decided to try this one out =)

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