New blogging schedule and updates!

Hi everyone and welcome to July!

hello-july-4 - Copy

With a new month starting, I decided to share with you guys my new blogging schedule! 

Although I never had a schedule, I’d been thinking of starting one for a while now and what better time to do it then at the beginning of a new month? 

Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday there will be a new post at 8am (Vienna Time). These are posts I’ve pre-written or already have scheduled, Inspirational Mondays, Cooking posts and Fashion/Beauty posts. Additionally I might post something else on the other days or on the same days if I feel like it or there is something I want to share right away. 

This is just a way for me to take blogging more serious and also be able to write more often (which is what I love doing!). I also want to start filming more Youtube videos!

I wish all of you an amazing day!




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