My thoughts on why Google Friend Connect should come back..

Hey hey everyone!
Google decided to kill Google Friend Connect (GFC) a while ago..I remember I wrote about it on my old blogger over on wordpress last Summer…
But what does that actually mean? me it’s a pain in the butt, if I’m honest..
GFC was a good way of me to keep track of my followers and readers here on the blog..and since it didn’t exist anymore when I launched this blog, I have to rely on Bloglovin and not everyone is yet there…to me that means that many of the people who stumble upon my blog and might like it, end up not following me because they don’t have a Bloglovin account.
The bloggers who had GFC before it went away have the advantage of still being able to use it on their websites, which I don’t think is bad…I just feel like Google decided to get rid of GFC because they wanted people to start following each other through Google+, but the truth is, almost no one does it…
Google+ seems to be an attempt of Google to put a platform out there that resembles Facebook, only it didn’t really have that effect because it isn’t the same thing..people like Facebook better because, the way I see it, it’s more user friendly and people don’t want to have more than one account..
I think Google should just GFC back, because it’s easier and I think at least we bloggers all want it back..or at least a similar thing..I think it would be beneficial for Google itself to bring it back..
What are your thoughts in the matter? Have you seen or felt a difference? I would be very interested in knowing what you guys think =)



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