My new favorite daily foundation!

 Ever since I started wearing makeup, I’ve tried tons of foundations. 
I remember getting my makeup on those discount stores when we lived in Lisbon, before I discovered @essence and other cheaper (but quality) makeup. Like any other teenage girl, I too made mistakes what makeup is concerned…and boy did I make them!!! It’s difficult to find a good foundation for me, not only because I have very sensitive skin, but also because I’m basically as pale as an albino. Or maybe one shade darker, but they don’t do “Albino +1” shades in foundations, and I had no freaking clue what I was doing back then, so of course I ended up looking like a clown or “California-orange”.
A while back, I realized that it’s cheaper for me to buy good quality makeup (foundations in this case) that I know I will be able to use and won’t break my skin our or make me look like a Jersey Shore girl. Enter MAC’s Mineralize Makeup Line:
Little tip: if you’re nice to the saleswoman, they’ll give you testers to try at home. Like, a ton of them! And that’s important, in my opinion, because then you can try stuff out before you actually commit to buying it (which is kinda smart, when we’re talking about a 30€ foundation.)
I got the powder foundation (Studio Fix Plus NC20) and the concealer (Mineralize in NC15) while still in Portugal. I’ve used the powder before and knew it was a safe buy. But I was still unsure about what foundation to get. I tried the Pro Longwear one and quite liked it, but it dried out my skin and made me look flaky after a couple of uses (see why testers are important?). I also tried the BB Cream MAC now has and even though it is pretty good, it just didn’t give me ANY coverage…and me being the high maintenance girl I am (regarding to makeup!) I wanted something that would give me that natural finish, but that would also take away the redness of my skin, without erasing my freckles. As you can see, I didn’t really want much (sarcasm intended).
When I got to Viena and started going on job interviews, I also went to the MAC counter and asked for help. Shoutout to the girl at the Wien Mitte Mall, because she’s just the best damn sales woman I met! She asked a ton of questions, what I wanted, my lifestyle and so on and by the end she encouraged me to try out the Mineralize Foundation (NC15), even thought it leaves a dewy finish, something I was always pretty scared of. Lets just say, after a couple of tries at home (again, testers!) I was sold and last month got a bottle when I received my first paycheck.
I have to say, I’ve been loving it so far!!! I can wear it on a daily basis without it breaking me out, but still look natural and not all “dolled up”, which I hate!
What do you think? I can only recommend this foundation, but like anything in life, you need to see if it works for you and your skin type!


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