My new Best Friend!

Hello hello lovely readers!

So, as many of you may know, this pictures sums up my relationship to coffee (and tea):


Yep, I like myself my coffee!!! I’m actually a bigger fan of tea, but I can’t NOT have my coffee in the morning! And, as many of you might understand, I’m always running late in the mornings (what? I like to stay in bed as long as I can! It’s cold outside the blankets!!!). What do I do to be able to have my coffee fix in the mornings, on the go? I rely on my new best friend!!
Here it is, my new best friend:


I call him Bucky! (I have this weird thing where I name everything in my life…like, my car is Silver, because it’s silver duh!, my laptop is Snowy, because it’s white…my phone is Redberry…because I’ve always wanted a Blackberry but it’s a red get the point!!!) 
This is a Starbucks thermos, hence the name Bucky! I had another one, it was bigger and black, but it broke…in my defense I had it for 4 years!!! I wanted to invest in a metal one this time, but they are all sold out everywhere and so i got this one, because I NEED to have my drink on the go! My school is about 1h away from home..this way I’m awake when I get there (for the most part).
I fill it with coffee in the morning (ok, ok…it’s caramel cappuccino because I don’t really like plain old coffee or has to be sweet =P) and then once I’m finished (usually around 11am) I go down to the Uni bar and fill it with green tea, my favorite!!!
So, there it new best friend!! =D What do you guys think? Do you have a thermos?
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*Hugs and Kisses*


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