My lipstick collection!

I’m not much of a lipstick kinda gal. I usually like to focus on my eyes, because I love that I can change their color and shape only with makeup. But sometimes I do go for a bolder lip…other times I just stick to my basic nudes. And today I thought about showing you the lipsticks I brought with me to Vienna. Because they’re great and awesome and it would be a shame for me to keep their awesomeness all to myself.

No flash

What lipsticks are concerned, I like them to be pretty moisturizing. I don’t really like an all matte look, even though sometimes it’s nice going for it (and it stays put waaaaay longer). 

The first lipstick I bought was from Cockney from MAC (second from the left) and even though it is pretty cool and an amazing red for beginners due to its sheerness, I don’t think MAC lipsticks are all that. If you can find a similar color in a more affordable brand (especially if you’re young and in a budget) you should go for the cheaper version. Having that said, I do have another MAC lipstick, Impassioned (third from the left) this one is an Amplified lipstick, meaning it’s more matte and therefore not as moisturizing but it is just an amazing pink color! I don’t use it on a daily basis, but sometimes when I want just a hint of color, I’ll dab it on my lips.

with flash

The rest of the lipsticks are all from KIKO and I must say they’re my favorite lipsticks so far! Little tip: if you wait for the sale, you can score them for up to 2.50€!!!

The three lipsticks below are my go-to daily lipsticks. They’re all from the same line and are very moisturizing and even though they’re pretty sheer, the color payoff is amazing!!! The nude one in the middle is the one I wear when I don’t know what to wear!
The lipsticks below are the both from MAC (two on the right) and the other one is another one from KIKO, but in a very, extremely “holy-shit” matte version. And it stays put ALL NIGHT, making it the perfect girls night out lipstick!
What are your favorite colors to wear? Have you ever tried KIKO’s lipsticks?


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