My life in the last two months!

Hello pretty readers =D
Just sharing a bit of what my life consisted of during the last month and a half!
Until the end of June I had all of my finals and managed to pass everything except one class, which was pretty good!!! So my month of June consisted of this:
I had some snack-pauses so that I could eat my favorite fruit in the whole wide world: Watermelon!!!
I swear, it’s SO good! It makes you full, it’s healthy and so sweet and juicy!! I love it! =D
And of course, even in the summer, I always have to have my tea!!! Be it iced or hot, I gotta have myself some tea =D
And even with the finals going on, I managed to read a couple of books! I was able to do this between my two last finals, because I had time to study AND have fun! Best of both worlds!!! (I’m gonna make a blog post with some of my favorite books!)


I hope everyone is doing amazing and having a blast during this summer, even though the weather has been acting crazy around here!
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Be good and have fun!


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