My Inspirational Books: Lauren Conrad Style

Hey hey everyone!
Today the book I bring on on “My Inspirational Books” is one that’s very close to my heart. It’s “Lauren Conrad Style”.
To be very honest, I only found out about The Hills when it was already going to it’s 5th season! I had never seen it, nor had I heard of it, but bear in mind I do live in Portugal haha! Anyways, I remember some of my closest girlfriends (who watched the show) constantly talking about this “Lauren” person and always saying that we had the same personality…I was like “yeah right…” and honestly, I thought she was just…well…another reality TV person who would disappear after the show ended (I didn’t even know what the show was about haha). I never really liked reality TV because I just felt like it wasn’t all that “real” and that girls always behaved in a very degrading way, always having the need to be half naked and start drama.
So, when my best friend Di dared me to at least watch the show and see for myself if what they were saying was true and if me and Lauren are alike in what personalities are concerned, I did it but not without protesting…and I got hooked! Like…no joke..I instantly fell in love with Lauren! And in some ways it is true, we are very much alike (well, me and the version of her they showed, because like with every show, I know it didn’t show everything in her life!) only she is way classier than be when doing stuff and I’m just a mess haha
I also liked her style a lot! I like how she’s always feminine and elegant and knows how to always dress right for the occasion! Having that said, it was to no surprise that as soon as I found out she was coming out with “Style” I immediately decided to get the book! And I did not get disappointed at all!!!
I like how down to earth she feels when she writes…and specially how I just felt like I was listening to a friend talk about fashion!! Also, what really struck me was that she used examples from her own wardrobe and gave her own advice..It all feels really real!


Lauren talks not only about clothes, but accessories, how to keep clothes fresh and organized and also how to pack for different things! I love how she gives advice but always keeps in mind that fashion is supposed to not be so serious and specially how she never really talks about brands! Even if we know she can afford it, it seems like she took as a concern to take into account that not everyone can afford designer items!


I also specially enjoyed the fact that she gave us option on how to shop your own closet and how to wear the same piece in many different ways! I always like to reinvent my items over and over again! Also, she’s also gives us advice on how to dress for work!


I find this to be one of the best style books out there, because of the way she writes and how it just seems you’re talking to a friend! Plus, she tells us about some less nice things that happened to her and shows us she’s not afraid to show she’s human and makes mistakes, always staying very humble!! I think this would be a great purchase for anyone!
Also, I just got “Lauren Conrad Beauty” in my mail two days ago and am loving it!!
I’ll write a review soon!




  1. Nora
    Friday January 18th, 2013 / 09:52 PM

    Love Lauren too!! She is so pretty!!!


  2. Saturday January 19th, 2013 / 01:14 PM

    I had no idea what this book would be about, thanks for sharing a bit about it, sounds really cool and interesting.

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