My favorite coffee spot in Vienna!

When I first lived in Vienna, four years ago, I lived with my aunt in the 3rd district. It is a very good location, because it’s quiet, but you’re in the center in 15min walking. Back then I found this little coffee shop in Karl Lueger Platz, only 10 min walking from the house, where I would go and study (and watch the WM games at the time!).
So it’s to no surprise that when I got back in February, I decided to go back to my coffee haven! It has a smoker and a non-smoker region, which I find really good! I don’t smoke and I don’t mind sitting in the smoking area when I’m with smoking friends, but when I’m alone I prefer not to.
I usually like to sit on the left by the window…it has a switch for me to hook up my computer, I can watch people passing by and I can write on the blog or do whatever I need to do in the computer during the time, while drinking my amazing coffee!
If you’re ever in Vienna I would advise you to come to this coffee shop! There are many in the city, but my favorite is definitely the one in Karl Lueger Platz (Subway station “Stubentor”). The girls are all extremely nice and they always have a smile for you when you get in and a “See you soon!” when you go out (or in my case it’s a “see you next week!”). 
Now that I’m living further away it’s not as easy to go there because it takes longer than 10min (about 30 to 45), but whenever I need some “me” time and inspiration to write I always go there! They have free internet too, which is a major plus!


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