My drugstore essentials: Austrian edition!

Originally when I moved here I had the plan to bring the normal hygiene things for at least a week, but in the end I couldn’t bring them. The thing is, the airline I used to fly here only allows as baggage one bag and not more than 23kg. I was allowed to bring also one cabin bag where I put my computer and a couple of other stuff, but all my hygiene things had to stay at home.
So, of course, when I got here, I had to get all of those normal things you use on a daily basis. That’s what I’m showing you now!
I didn’t get everything on the same day. There were the things I got since I got here, until now. 
I had to get some toothpaste and I went for the Clever one, right in the middle. It’s affordable and good, at least in my opinion. Hey, it cleans your teeth, I don’t need more, do I?  
The next things I got were my shampoo and conditioner, both from Balea. I honestly just chose the ones that smelled good (what? I like to smell good!) and I have to say, they are really good on my hair!! Balea is a brand sold in a drugstore called “dm” and is very affordable and good. I think each was about 0.85€. Yes, 85cents for each. That’s a bargain, right? I also got the shower gel&cream a couple of days later. Again, I got it because of the smell and only realized that it was a two in one when I was surprised that my otherwise very dry skin was a little less dry..Milk and Honey smell is one of my favorites for the shower!!
I also got some contacts solution, because I didn’t bring any and I wear my contacts almost daily, so I need to change the solution. I got the small one because it was cheaper and they were out of the big one.
I also got a small Listerine bottle to try it out..I usually used the one’s my parents had at home so I felt I would go with something smaller to see if I like it. Plus it was only 2€ and lasts me a long time.
Even though I brought my deodorant with me, it was almost finished and I used it up so had to get another one. I only like the stick deodorants, because I feel they work better with my skin, and in Portugal I can only find the Dove one that costs almost 5€, but this Balea one costs only 2.50€ and is amazing!! It also smells good and there are a lot of scents to choose from!
A few days after being here I realized my skin and hair were feeling really dry, so I went and got the moisturizer for very dry skin for 2€ and the hair serum for 3€ both from Balea and both very good and also smell amazing!
Because I like having my nails pretty I also got the nail polish remover, also from dm, for 0.75€. I have to say it leaves my nails very smooth. 
Last but not least, but without a doubt the biggest bargain I found was the MyFace face toner for mixed skin. I got it at Bipa for solely 0.35€. Yes, you read it right thirty-five cents! And I have to say, even though I was feeling a bit skeptical about it, my skin feels really fresh and hydrated with it!
These were my drugstore buys since I got here and I have to say for the most part, they’re more affordable here than in Portugal. Of course, if you go for the more expensive brands like Nivea or Dove, you’ll pay probably the same in every country, but I like going for the more affordable stuff, as long as it works good. 
And it doesn’t hurt trying, right?


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