Movie Time! The Origin of the Planet of the Apes and The Pianist

Hi dolls!!

So, yesterday I went to the movies, after a long weekend babysitting my aunts house (which btw is an awesome house!). We decided to go watch The Origin of the Planet of the Apes, because we had just seen the previous one (Planet of the Apes) on DVD on Saturday..or maybe it was Sunday…might been Friday… =P

If you have seen the first one, this is suppose to tell us the story of how it all started! It was a good movie…I just didn’t really understand was the fact that in the first movie it was a new Planet where they crashed and then the Apes took over the humans…and in this movie it all starts in Earth…but maybe it’s just my blondness acting out and not letting me understand xD

I enjoyed the movie, and think it was really good done, hello Spielberg was the director!!!

Oh..and on Sunday I watched the Pianist for the first time..I was really scared of watching it, since it takes place during the Second World War in Poland and I knew it was pretty accurate with what had happened there. And since my Father grew up during the Post-War years and my Grand-Father used to tell us stories about the war time, I’m always very scared to watch movies like that, because I always get really emotional and start thinking how much my Father went through (even though he might not really remember, because he was really young). But I really liked the movie, it was really empowering and shows really how hard the Jews had it and how strong they were!!! those were the movies I watched!!

Be good 😉

xo Rose



  1. Wednesday August 17th, 2011 / 04:53 AM

    I've been wanting to see that! I'm glad to hear it was good. The previews looks sah-weet!

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