Movie Time: The Lorax!

Hey hey everyone!
It’s time for another Movie Time!! And today’s movie is The Lorax!!!
I spent a some days at my Mr’s house last month and one of the afternoons we decided to watch the Lorax. Mostly because the Mr pretended to be utterly shocked that I hadn’t seen it yet =P
The movie is basically about this little boy above who likes the girl with him in the picture. They both live in a city where there are no trees and air has to be bought!! The girl wishes to see a real tree and the boy goes outside of the city to find one. The villain O’Hair (the guy who sells air) does not want the little boy to find out why there are no trees and tries to stop him.
The boy finds out why there are no trees, from the person who is responsible for all the trees being cut down. He also gets to know about The Lorax (the little guy in the picture above) who is the protector of trees! There are no trees anymore because one man cut them all down so that he could fabricate some type of clothing and before he knew it, there were no more trees!
In the end, the little boy gets the last seed remaining and manages to plant it and all the people in the city accept trees. In the last scene we see the Lorax coming back to talk to the guy who cut all of the trees down. 
This is the last quote of the movie! I love the whole message it tries to send! Specially nowadays when trees are being cut down daily to make place for new buildings…I think it is an amazing movie for young people to understand that if you want everything, you end up loosing everything! 
I highly recommend this movie to everyone, no matter your age!!! Show it to your kids, siblings and partners! If you’ve watched it already, go watch it again!!!
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Be happy and remember the quote above!






  1. Nora
    Thursday September 13th, 2012 / 12:32 PM

    I see Lorax before and I love the movie! It has nice story and the trees look cute 🙂


  2. Saturday September 15th, 2012 / 03:38 AM

    Personaly, I thought the movie was overly simplistic. It was funny and all, but too preachy at the end. We are introduced to a society where people are happy. They weren't complaining or anything.

    Then some kid wanted to please a girl. They should make a Lorax 2, where we see the ecological effects of trees and wildlife in a city where there was none. Bugs, leaf-cleaning and maintenance are all problems that weren't there before. Our view of the movie is just biased because we can't live in a world without trees. However, the characters can.

  3. Sunday September 16th, 2012 / 02:37 PM

    I'm glad you liked it! Yes, I also found the trees looked cute =P


  4. Sunday September 16th, 2012 / 02:40 PM

    I do agree it was very simplistic, but that was actually what I liked about it! It's a kids movie, but without the whole fuss that animation movies nowadays tend to have! The thing is, I feel they weren't complaining because they didn't know anything else besides living without trees!

    I do think a Lorax 2 would be great, specially if it showed the whole effects you talk about!!! All in all, I think it was a good movie for the kids to know that nothing is forever…you keep killing trees and in the end the results will be bad =)


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