Missing pictures!!!

Hello boys and girls!!

Just a tiny little update =)

I ‘ve been swamped with finals during the last two weeks, and that’s why I haven’t posted on the blog (really need to get the hang of pre-written posts!).

Today I wanted to write a post about Christmas cookies (that are just like normal cookies, just that I like to call them “Christmas cookies” instead =P) but when I went to get the pictures from my computer they were nowhere to find!! This was annoying enough..until I found out my photo program is nowhere to be seen as well!!! I mean…can a program just delete itself? I’m not really a computer expert (at all!)

So, not I’m annoyed AND without pictures!!! Good thing is me and Daddy are baking more cookies tomorrow (he wants to “help” which is code to “eat”) so I’ll take more pictures and make that post tomorrow instead!

Hope you’re all doing great!!!

xoxo Rose


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