Mind Reader!

Hi guys!

I love it when my Dad reads my mind!! Yesterday evening, after studying for about two hours, I suddenly had a craving for something sweet…and when I say sweet, I mean REALLY sweet!

So I go downstairs to the living room/dining room/room where my Dad plays on his laptop…and I ask him if he has a tiny bit of chocolate… He said no, so I was really sad..I mean…we kinda always have chocolate…Dad must have eaten it all (Friday usually is the day when both of us go groceries shopping…and by groceries we mean sweets =P)

I go back up, kinda disappointed and not even 5minutes later I hear a know on the door and then Dad comes in with this:


That was even better than chocolate!!! I love love love gummy bears…and especially from Haribo…they’re the absolute best!!
I really love it when my Dad has little things stashed somewhere for “emergencies” =P That just made my entire night!!!
xo Rose



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