Merry Christmas from me to you!

Even though I love the Christmas lights and decorations and the spirit all around, I don’t really like the Holiday itself. Last year it was a very special Christmas, because it was the last one before I moved to Vienna and I didn’t know when I would see my parents again or if I would even be able to come here for Christmas.
This year is very special as well, because I was able to come back for the Holidays and since we know I will go back to Vienna soon, we are making it as special as possible and enjoying every minute (Pappa Waldherr is having a blast playing tricks on me!!!)
We’re gonna have dinner at my aunt D’s house, with the rest of my Mum’s sisters and then will probably open the presents at midnight (we started waiting until midnight after my little cousin was old enough to enjoy Christmas). And after that we will either open our own presents at home or wait until tomorrow to do so. Regardless, we’re spending Christmas with Family and that’s the most important thing.
I wish everyone a very happy Christmas and I hope you are able to spend it with your loved ones, because that truly is the most important thing!
Merry Christmas!



  1. Friday December 26th, 2014 / 10:17 PM

    Thank you Sayantini!! I love your blog and am already following you too =D

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