Love thyself

Hey hey everyone!
As you might know, Valentine Day is almost here! I’m not someone who believes it’s just a day for couples. I think it’s a day to celebrate all kind of love. Motherly love, friendship love, animal love (we love our animals..that’s what I mean..)
Since I’m moving to Vienna today, I pre-wrote some posts with ideas you can take on what to wear on your outfits for different kind of dates or planes you might have, ranging from casual wear to a girls night out! I will post them this week.
But for today I just decided on showing you two very inspiring quotes, that I want you to think about and maybe share on!
You should love yourself, no matter how you look like!!! Be who you want to be, not who others think you should be! You’re amazing just like you are…and it’s time you start believing it too!!! 
This Lady Gaga’s picture just says what I feel about my life, about my blog. I want to make women all around the world love themselves, appreciate who they are, how they look like, what they do. Not what others think or want.
I wish you all an amazing week!!!


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