Little (Tiny) Haul

My first OPI nail polish ever!! Yay I’ve read so many great reviews about it, that I finally got up my courage and bought one! They have so many colours I did not know which one to get, so I decided to get a colour that would suit both winter and summer (in Portugal the winters are never that bad) so I decided to buy “Do You Think I’m Tex-y?”

I got some other things!!! I hardly ever go shopping because I don’t really have that much money, but me and Mommy went to Primark the other day and I got some cute things!!
These ballerina slippers are SO comfy!!! Since I was a little kid I wanted to have a pair like these to go around the house…ok ok, I confess, it was since I saw Wendy from Peter Pan in the Disney movie…I got obsessed over them (and her hair). And I don’t even mind that my Dad makes fun of me when I’m wearing them!!! They were only 3€, which is a great price!!
How cute are these ballerinas?? They are very comfy too! I needed a new pair, since I don’t have that many shoes and end up wearing always my gray ballerinas…don’t get me wrong, I love them…but sometimes it’s good to change! There were 9€ if I recall correctly!
I also got a tiny thing to put some coins (not a wallet…but serves the purpose!) since I can’t carry much stuff right now and for a couple of weeks still.. I’ll get pictures posted if you’d like!
Ok…Hope you enjoy the pictures!!! Have a great week!!!
xo Rose


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