Life isn’t complicated, people are!

I’m usually the girl my friends come to, when they have a love problem (or any kind of problem really, they don’t discriminate). I don’t really get why, since my relationships were all pretty fucked up (and they actually lived some of it with me). But somehow they always come to me. They say it’s because I can “think rationally”. I know. I laughed too. 
The thing is, over the years I’ve realized one thing, one thing that I too used to do, but I try not to anymore. People like to complicate things!!!

Hey, maybe that’s where the word “confused” comes from? I digress…

Seriously, think about it! Everything is going’re seeing someone..they’re nice, you have fun, they pay for your coffee and give you compliments and you both feel good with each other….and then it happens. You start thinking. Or better said over-thinking. Especially if you’re a girl, this is highly likely to happen (but also to guys, and you know who you are!!!). 

When a girl over-thinks, it’s normal. We do that. We’re known to do that. It’s expected really. But when a guy over-thinks it’s like the world is falling apart. (seriously, and we are the drama queens?). It usually means he has feelings for the girl and didn’t expect it. Or he’s cheating on his girlfriend and decided to get a conscience. But usually it’s the first. 
The bottom line is, we all like to complicate things, when in fact it’s very simple! Talking about it is a good start. Fucking talk about it, whatever it is!!! 
Go to your girlfriend/boyfriend/best friend/whoever you’re having issues with and just TALK ABOUT IT! 
Whenever my friends come to me complaining about their significant other and something they did that bothered/annoyed/hurt them, I always ask them “have you told him/her that?”. We spend way too much time complaining about stuff, instead of dealing with it. And I get it, dealing with stuff is scary! When you have to have a serious talk with someone, it fucking scares you and you want to run the other way or avoid it as much as possible. I know I did that!
Life is simple really. But the more we keep trying to avoid the important stuff, the harder it gets. If you’re scared about your relationship, talk about it! If you don’t like something, say so! I have a saying “you can say anything you want, it’s how you do it that can be bad”. 
I think we should all try to just stop complicating life and just enjoy it!
Tell the people you love how you feel about them. And stop trying to impress those you don’t like and that don’t like you back. If something feels right, do it. It might end up being a mistake, but at that moment it was the right thing. If you like someone, tell them. If you want to be with someone, don’t complicate things! Just be happy! 
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