Lets all love ourselves! (The size zero trend)

Hey hey everyone

After yesterday’s totally depressing post, I decided to write about something that quite honestly worries me about society nowadays…

I see more and more, everywhere I look, be it tv-shows or fashion magazines, that this whole size 0 trend is getting out of control! It’s ok to be naturally skinny…but it’s also ok to have curves..be “fuller” or “curvier” or whatever you might call it..

Since when is having all of your bones sticking out pretty? Sure, some naturally skinny people look good, because it’s the way nature made their bodies to be, like Twiggy or Kate Moss! But starving yourself to try and be like them is not ok! 

Trust me..I’ve been there..coming from a family where women are the majority and they all feel unhappy about their own bodies, I am used to always being criticized about my body..and I had times when I starved myself to the point of fainting..and still wouldn’t eat!!! And the ironic part is, I didn’t get skinny…not like society says it’s supposed to be…I always had a bootie..and boobs…boy did I have boobs!!! No matter what I do, the suckers ain’t going nowhere and I just got used to it..because there ain’t no fighting it in that department!
It took me a long long long time, but I eventually got it into my head that I’m not like them! I’m not short like my mom’s family (they’re all under 1.60m, borderline midgets..nothing against midgets!), I got boobs and hips and am built like a woman and not like a square! I am an hourglass shape and yes I’m plus size or larger built or whatever…so what?! I’m a plus size in this country, if I go to the UK I’m average..and when I’m in Austria I’m just a bit chubby…and short..they always say I’m gonna “grow out of it”..guys I’m 1.69m..I think I’m tall enough!

There is nothing wrong in being skinny..and there is nothing wrong in having curves..and you know what I think? I think all of those magazines say they want to empower women..really?? Bullshit! Writing a feature for plus size clothing and using a model my size or smaller and saying things like “black is slimming”..we know that!!! How about, instead of telling us how to conceal out “big tummies” or our “chunky legs” or our “wobbly arms”, actually teaching women how to be confident in their own bodies? I’m so sick and tired of seeing everywhere what is supposed to be right…come on..we won’t all look like Adriana Lima or Lauren Conrad or Tyra Banks! They’re gorgeous in their own ways, yes, but they’re also not totally and completely perfect women!

You see that picture up there? That’s Tara Lynn..one of the most famous “plus size” models there is..and I don’t think she’s plus sized..I think she’s a gorgeous average sized woman! I’m actually about her size, and stupidly enough I think I’m a whale compared to her…funny how society makes us feel about ourselves, huh?

How about we try something different? Instead of looking at ourselves in the mirror and hating what we see…hating our big legs or big arms..how about we work with it? So what if we have big arms? Means we’re strong! And yes, we might have some fat around our tummies…but that doesn’t make us ugly or unlovable! It’s the way nature made us… I think, more importantly than being thin or skinny or whatever, is being healthy!

 I put on 60kg in two weeks when I was sick three years ago, due to a medicine reaction…I got out of the hospital and couldn’t walk two steps without being short of breath..it was horrible!!! I already lost 45 of those 60kg…do you think my mom’s family says “good, you managed!”? Heck no!!! They only criticize that I now have a double chin (well that’s what cortisone reaction will do to you…you swell and sometimes it stays..like my double chin) or that I am not thin…not like they think I should look..And the thing is..I don’t like unhealthy food!!! Except for fries, I like pretty much my food to consist out of soups and vegetables and an occasional steak..seriously, I cut all the fat from food (it makes me gag)..sure, I also eat a cake sometimes, but I also work out…ok, I don’t run a marathon, but I bike for 30min a day and do some more exercises..and still, I had my doctor tell me to my face I only eat shit or else I would lose the weight..like..seriously?! It was only after I told her about the cortisone reaction that she was like “Wow you managed to lose all of that on your own??” and then I went from being a fat slob to being someone who accomplished something…But the first reaction was judgement…to judge me by my size and not actually by my medical records…and that woman is supposed to be a family doctor!!!!

Lets stop judging people!!! Don’t get me wrong..sometimes I see people who are really really overweight eating hamburgers and I also think they shouldn’t do it..and I’m probably also a bit judgmental….but at least I try not to be..and I never made fun of anyone for being overweight or underweight…I’ve been there and I know how it hurts!

Accept how you are…the way you’re built and your shape! Accept it and be happy about it, because in the end of the day, you’re unique! There is no one like you in the rest of the world…there is no perfect measurement..no perfect bodies…even those we think are perfect hate something about their bodies…women often hate themselves and I think it’s time to start loving ourselves and show it to the world!!!

I leave you with this Marilyn Monroe quote…I think it says it all! 

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  1. Anonymous
    Wednesday January 30th, 2013 / 10:45 PM

    It's a hard society with very strict standards placed by people on themselves and the others.
    My long-time girlfriend is also chubby and I find that attractive – and for me, she is the sexiest and most beautiful woman ever; in fact, I have always (physically) prefered girls slightly chubbier and curvier than most guys do.

    As a joke, sometimes I say that if I really wanted to date a girl as slim as many want to be, all bones and no curves, it would be the same as dating a chinese boy.

    Best wishes 🙂

  2. Thursday January 31st, 2013 / 06:24 AM

    I really love what you said. My mom also pays attention to my weight, but it's when I look really bloated LOL I prefer to be slim and healthy rather than skinny. I start to lose weight, but it's not because of I'm starving myself like I used to be.
    I decide to change my preview of my own, love myself, and start exercising + eat healthy. But you are right! WHo said plus side models aren't pretty? The most important thing is that we have inner beauty and confident!

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  3. Thursday January 31st, 2013 / 08:49 AM

    Marilyn Monroe is so sexy! Great post!

  4. Saturday February 2nd, 2013 / 09:56 AM

    Really loved your post.
    I am so jealous of those women who are truly in love with their body, are confident in their own skin: chubby or skinny.

    I think the most overlook aspect of this “problem” is that people are so wrapped up about sizes that they forget that being healthy is the most important thing in life.

    It took me one too many years to realize that this is who I am, and caring about people's opinion it will only bring me down, and make me hate myself.

    I am still not fully satisfied with my image, but I don't let this get in my way of feeling beautiful, and sexy. 🙂

    Have a great day!

  5. Saturday February 2nd, 2013 / 02:53 PM

    Thi is a really lovely post.

    I agree, it's wrong that there's so much pressure on people to be so slim. The media really need to do something to change this attitude because it unfairly makes people so self conscience and it's fine to have a curvy figure.

    Kimberley x


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