Lazy Day

Hello my lovelies!

Today I just spent my day doing absolutely nothing (well…I saw Pretty Little Liars..The Lying Game…Hart of get the point =P) until about 3PM. After that I went on a cleaning spree that lasted…30 min! (What can I say? I didn’t have that much to clean…)

Since I’ve been feeling a bit under the weather (ironically because of weather!) I decided to just sit and enjoy the rest of the afternoon with tea and my favorite blanket! 


That up there is my favorite blanket…Merlin sometimes likes to sleep with it (I might or might not have put it over him just for sake of the picture..but I’ll deny it if anyone asks!!!)
All in all I just wished for the good weather and sun to come back so I can take cheesy pictures in the sunlight and then think I look great/awful/fine (varies depending on the day/mood) 
So yeah..this was the most boring blog post ever and all of you wonderful people who read my blog will never come and read my ramblings again…(Please come??I like it when people read what I wrote..makes me feel all warm and fuzzy in the inside!)
Now I have to go because Merlin decided to be a naughty cat and is trying to open my closet door (he does that when he’s bored..see, I bore him too!!)
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Hugs and Kisses


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