Just another Monday..

Yesterday was a particular stressing day at work. 
Not because I had bad clients (except for that one guy who called wanting to know how much I make and if I would consider marrying him…erm, no thank you…but thanks!).
Not because my boss yelled at me (which he never did, but I always see it in movies, so I’m always waiting for it).
Not because I didn’t sleep well or wasn’t feeling well. I was feeling pretty cool, thank you very much.
The reason for all the stress was that they were changing our E-mail servers. Now, I have no freaking clue what that means (but I didn’t let anyone know that…*looks proud*), I don’t even know what the heck a server is! (does it serve the e-mail? is it like its servant of sorts?).
Anyways, I was already pretty out of it when I got into the office, because we were supposed to do the whole programming or configuring or whatever-ing it was the e-mail needed done, ourselves. But when our IT guy F. saw me he immediately told me they (they being the IT guys, aka the genius of the place who always save my butt!) were gonna do the whole -ing thing I was all harps and birds in my head. 
Until they told me I had to program the iPhone so we would still get the e-mails…sigh..I tried doing it..I swear I did! I even did it with my colleague B…but then she couldn’t get access..then I got some kind of 404 Error (why do they alway use numbers, instead of just saying “You fucked up on number 3, go back and fix it”???)
By then I was feeling like doing this:
And it was just 10am. So then I proceeded by stalking going after F. so he would help me with the whole deal, because I real needed to write an e-mail to a client. I kept calling F. by the wrong name btw, which I think he found amusing. Or maybe he didn’t get it. But at least now I understand why whenever I asked my colleagues if they’d seen him, they never did. Because I was asking for someone who doesn’t even exist at the office.
When the e-mail was (FINALLY) configured, I thought it was all over. Boy was I wrong. By then I could write and get e-mails on the laptop, but my iPhone decided to get some kind of personality disorder. Either way, it was confused and didn’t know what it wanted. Whenever I got an e-mail I would get it both on the laptop and the iPhone. But that wasn’t the worst part…no, the worst part was that, whenever I got an e-mail on the iPhone and opened it, I would receive a message saying “You cannot receive e-mails because your Password isn’t correct”. It was correct (I checked it!!) and I was receiving e-mails!! (like I said, personality disorder..)

Does anyone know where to get one of these? I could use it…

By then I had resumed to going on Facebook and complaining about it to my friends, who totally said this kind of stuff never happens to them and me and my laptop/iPhone should go to couples therapy. I refused to believe it was that bad..I mean, usually we have a good relationship..I yell and they do what I want when I start threatening to throw them out of the window (totally healthy couples relationship, right?).

Anywho..somehow I ended up managing to “fix” my iPhone problem. I say “I” because when F. finally came over to me to check it out, everything was ok. Which lead me to believe my phone just wanted to get on my nerves and therefor it’s a male phone. Because we know if it were a woman it wouldn’t have thrown a fit like that, right?
Then, my colleagues B and Y realized they had lost their e-mail signatures and I actually know how to fix that and proceeded by explaining. It worked.
I spent the rest of the day going through the office like this:
Well, maybe not exactly like that…but I did tell everyone who wanted to hear about it. And those who didn’t as well. What? It isn’t that often that I can fix something computer related, ok? Like, ever!
Oh, and did I ever mention I’m kinda technologically challenged? Not that it’s very noticeable…at all.. *looks innocent*
So yes..that was my Monday..can’t get much better than that..



  1. Tuesday April 29th, 2014 / 07:57 PM

    That´s my girl, the most “technological challenged” person ever! Are you sure you didn't spill anything on the iPhone? 😛

  2. Sunday May 11th, 2014 / 03:00 PM

    Ok, come on Sammy, I'm not THAT bad, am I? And no..I didn't spill anything!! (why does everyone ask me that???)

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