Jardim do Torel: a hidden treasure in Lisbon

Hey hey everyone!
As you might know, Saturday is mostly the only day me and the Mr have just for ourselves..we’re lucky if we can squeeze in an hour or two during the week, but that hardly ever happens when we’re not on vacation!
A couple of months ago he told me about this place in Lisbon called Jardim do Torel, where supposedly you have the most amazing view of the city. At first I wasn’t that excited mostly because we had to walk up this very inclined hill, pictured below:
But once we got there it was amazing!!! The first thing you see when you get into the big gates is this fountain. It reminded me of Vienna and that instantly made me like it!


It has a big garden with trees and some benches too. I really liked the fact that people were just sitting on the ground and definitely want to go there with my Mr to watch the sunset on a Summer night! I think it must be gorgeous to see!


It has a beautiful view and it’s divided into three different “areas” or levels if you wish…it’s really amazingly designed!


You can see the view is just amazing, and from the other side of the garden you can even see the river if the weather is on your side!!!


Here is a picture of me! Wearing my blue cardigan that at the time was fairly new =P


If you ever visit Lisbon I strongly suggest you go visit this garden!! And you’ll be squeezing in a workout as well with that hike haha If you want any type of directions don’t hesitate to e-mail me!!
And if you know the place, let me know what you thought!!




  1. Thursday March 28th, 2013 / 04:14 PM

    Very nice place, Rosie!
    I would like to visit Lisbon sometime and hopefully enjoy a beautiful sunset from this garden!

    Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy your Saturday with you Mr 🙂

    xo Irene

  2. Thursday March 28th, 2013 / 10:24 PM

    My boyfriend has always wanted to go to Lisbon but I was a little put off by people telling me it was quite industrial, but your photos look gorgeous! I may need to reconsider.


  3. Friday April 12th, 2013 / 05:14 PM

    Thank you Irene!!

    You should give me a call when you come here, I'll show you around =D

  4. Friday April 12th, 2013 / 05:16 PM

    Oh there are areas that are a bit industrial, but for the most part it isn't that kind of city!!! It has gorgeous places to visit, you just have to give it a try =D

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