It’s Mum’s day!

It’s Mother’s Day y’all! Well, at least in Portugal it is (in Austria only next week).
I didn’t always appreciate my Mother. I was, like any other teenage girl, stupid. I thought I knew everything better and just thought she wanted to take all the fun out of my life.

My parents on Christmas Eve!

The truth is, up until now, she was always right about those friends who weren’t really good for me. She was always there when I needed her, in her own way. And yes, we clash. A lot. Because hey, we’re different people and, just like her, I have my own convictions and opinions. And when you put to stubborn people with different opinions on a subject in the same room, there’s gonna be fighting (and probably also insulting and tears as well).

But in the end of the day, I love the woman! She’s there for me, she’s an amazing woman and she never gives up on her loved ones (no matter how crappy things might be or how bad they treat her). We’re more alike then I ever thought and sometimes you really need to get away to see that. 

My Graduation – May 2013

I love my Mum and even though we’re in different countries, there isn’t a day I don’t think of her. I’m so thankful to have such an amazing Mother and think everyone should deserve to have a woman like her in their lives. 

As much as I might have yelled and cried and complained growing up, the truth is, she’s had a huge role raising me and if it weren’t for her I would probably not be the way I am today. I don’t only have my life to thank her (numerous times, if we think of all the times she rushed with me to the hospital every time I had an asthma attack growing up), I owe her everything. And even today, if I need something, if I have a problem, if I need advice, I’ll call her and my Dad. 
Because my Parents are just fucking awesome!
Happy Mother’s day!


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