Inspirational Monday: Sometimes you just have to forget!

Hey hey everyone!!
I hope you guys had a good weekend! Mine was spent with the Mr and was awesome! After a whole week without seeing each other, on Friday I could hardly stop hugging him!
Last week I did not post an Inspirational Monday and many of you asked why! Well..if you want me to be honest, I had a horrible start of a week!!!
I am the type of person who will give her all to those I consider to be my friends! The thing is, lately I’ve been disappointed with two people in particular.. One of them is also friends with my Mr, I actually met this person through him…I thought, really thought, we were beginning to be good friends…real friends…only to find out I was never really considered a friend or whatsoever…on top of it I’m being accused of being the reason of problems that began even before that person even met me.
Anyways..when I saw this picture and quote I just felt like it embodied everything I had been feeling these past few days! It was one of those pictures I just had to post on here!!
We all have had those people in our lives who end up leaving…and I believe I’m not the only one who keeps holding on to them…mostly when it comes to friendships I really do have a hard time to let them go and forget them…but truth is, it doesn’t help to hold on! Sometimes, you just have to let go….forget and be happy!!!
Wish you all an amazing week!!!




  1. Monday November 5th, 2012 / 06:11 PM

    So right, I had a friend who failed me on several occasions, and even that I used to forgive her every single time, I finally saw she wasn't the person who I thought and really took a while to let her go, you always think thinsg can't change but sometimes is just not working and you can't change that.
    Best week ever Rosie, cheer up!

  2. Sunday November 11th, 2012 / 09:41 PM

    I know…I don't know why, but this year has been kinda rough in the friendships department! I've lost friends, but then again I also got know who my real friends are and I would not trade it for anything! It's sad, but it's also life….and even though I know this way i know who my real friends are, it still is hard on me and I still get hurt!


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