Inspirational Monday: How to be happy

After my sick days last week I’ve decided I want to take advantage of the Spring and happiness in this new week!!!
So, it’s to no surprise that I chose this quote for today’s Inspirational Monday!


I like being happy, but I don’t really believe that anyone is 100% happy 24h a day, unless you’re a kid. I just think that isn’t realistic..but I do believe that there are things you can do to help yourself being happy!

Right after I wake up I’m not exactly the happiest person ever…I’m actually pretty grumpy in the early mornings..which always amused my Daddy a lot (one of his favorite things to do in mornings is annoy me…it makes him happy).

I do believe in deciding to be happy every morning!! I try smiling to myself and thinking of good things or things that I like, to make myself be in a better mood. And you know what? It actually helps!!!

Are you going to try this? What are your secrets for being happy?


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