Inspirational Monday: Cancel your subscription!!!

Hey hey everyone!!
I saw this picture and it made me immediately laugh and I just couldn’t not use it for a Inspirational Monday post!
Although it does refer to bad relationships, I feel like this quote does it in a funny way…instead of the ways we’re used to..
Of course breakups are never easy! But I also have to admit that, if I hadn’t broken up with my ex, I would now probably not be with the Mr! And, even though it was hard at the time and I did feel bad, I can say that today I am the happiest I’ve ever been! 
The Mr is much more than just my boyfriend…he’s my best friend, my boyfriend, my lover, my partner, my adviser…he is always there for me, he always has a shoulder to hug and a hand to hold…with him I am much more than I have ever been before. He makes me be a better person..and that only is possible because a year ago I decided to “cancel my subscription”!!!
So, if you’re unhappy more than you’re happy in your relationship…if you wonder if it is worth it, it probably isn’t! When we start wondering, it’s already half gone…when you know, you know. Every couple fights…but if you cannot get over things…eventually you will end up resenting each other. If you’re unhappy…take some time to really read through your relationship…see if those issues are possible to get over of…and if not, don’t be afraid. There are always other magazines you can read…and other men you can date…and eventually you will find the perfect one for you! =P
Have a great day!



  1. Monday September 17th, 2012 / 06:40 AM

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  2. Tuesday September 18th, 2012 / 08:34 PM

    Thank you! Sorry, I cannot write Italian!!! I do understand it quite well written and spoken, but will not even try to write it!!

    I liked your blog a lot!


  3. Thursday September 20th, 2012 / 08:26 PM

    Wonderful quote, so right!
    You make laugh even if is late and I'm really tired.
    Thanks as always for your comments, you always make me smile.
    Kisses and have a grey weekend!!

  4. Monday September 24th, 2012 / 07:43 PM

    =P Thank you!


  5. Monday September 24th, 2012 / 07:46 PM

    Aww thank you sweetie!!! It makes my day reading that I make you laugh =D

    Thank you too, for your lovely comments!!


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