Inspirational Monday #4

It’s Monday again and even though I don’t really like Mondays, I do like the fact that I get to spread a bit more of inspiration out there in the world!

Everyone has bad days. I know this more than anyone. The last 2-3 weeks have been so so so extremely hard. But I don’t let it get the best of me. I get up, I curse my life and this stupid disease 10000 times a day, I get ready for work, I go to work, curse teenagers and everyone else in the world on my way there and then I get to work. There are days where I just need to get the day over. I might end up the night frustrated and crying because I’m in pain or managed to drop something (usually food) and feel like a freak.

But you know what? You need to keep going. Period. There’s no other thing you can do. Just keep going.

And by the way, Elizabeth Taylor is just one of the most inspirational women there ever was!

Now go out and seize the day!


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