Inspirational Monday 12#

  Life go in the way and I ended up missing last weeks Inspirational Monday..

But that just means that today’s IM is extra inspirational!


I once heard the saying that nothing that comes easy is all that worth it. It’s kind of the same philosophy that teaches us that we need to work for the important things, to earn them.

We fall down in life, in order to get back up, to learn, to go further than we went before. We need to hurt, to appreciate the important things in life.

Next time life seems to thrown you a curve ball, go with it! Have faith that destiny, or life, or God, or whatever you believe in, has something bigger, greater and better planned for you. Be it a job that you just lost or a relationship that ended, even if it’s hard, think that it wasn’t meant to be…and wait for what is meant for you, to come into your life!



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