If you love someone, set them free.

If you love someone, set them free..right?

Did you just get out of a relationship too? Sometimes you find yourself in a type of situation where you just know you have to set the person you love free..
It might be because they  aren’t ready for a relationship or because they have bigger dreams they should be chasing.. Either way, it’s never easy..

But it is the best thing to do… If that someone realizes they want to be with you, work things out or just start over, you can always go back. But if you try to hold them back and not let them live their life, they will end up resenting you…and eventually won’t even want to see you.

Now, you shouldn’t stay home and think you’ll be alone forever! That’s just stupid! I think every girl (or boy!!) is unique and beautiful and, call me a hopeless romantic, but I DO believe everyone has someone out there for them! So, don’t stay home and be sorry for yourself..you are beautiful and amazing, because every girl is amazing!! And maybe it didn’t work out this time..that doesn’t mean there isn’t someone out there for you!

It just means you got experience with someone and now you know not to do the same mistakes again…regardless if it is with someone new or if you patch things up with your old love! You can go away from this relationship knowing yourself a little better!

I thought he might be the one..but I was scared to take things to the next level and have him meet my family. That was MY mistake. But I’m not saying I’m the only one to blame..in every relationship there are two equal parts of guilt (except if someone cheated, which is not the case). When other people get involved it get difficult…they start pressuring you to get to a certain type of relationship level you might not be comfortable with.. In my case, even though I always pretended it didn’t bother me, I kinda freaked out every time someone from his family would say we would get married…or when his mom would say I had gotten two new siblings out of nowhere!

Now, I’m in no way saying it’s any of those people’s fault things got bad!! I love every single one of those people and I know they just wanted the best for us! BUT, coming out of a COMPLETELY different culture, it wasn’t natural for me..and I got scared. The sad part is, I never really told him that..I just pulled away. Because sometimes it’s easier not to deal with things. And of course…eventually he felt something wasn’t right and did not want to be with me anymore..

And in that moment, I knew I had to set him free..even thought it is hard..and sometimes I still think about him, I know he’s ok. And I hope he’s happy. Because I’m still in love with him and, as crazy as it might sound, I want the best for him. Even if it is with someone else.

And I know If he ever needs me, he knows I will be there for him. Without a second thought. If he’s out on the street, I will be right there next to him…or if he just needs a hug..I’ll give it to him. Because that’s who I am..I’m always there for the ones I care about..and for a while, I forgot that. I wasn’t feeling or acting like myself.. Because of all the craziness and insecurities, they made me kind of crazy and eventually drove him away.

Now all I can say is…now I really know who I am! And boy…it’s good feeling like myself again!!! 

*Sorry for the rambling, had to get it off of my chest* 



  1. Pamela
    Monday November 14th, 2011 / 06:01 PM

    You sound really mature and, sadly, really heartbroken =(

  2. Friday November 18th, 2011 / 08:12 PM

    First off, your comment on my blog about my smile just made my day, Rose you have no idea how much that meant since I always try to stay happy and Positive! Thank you! Second, your blog post just hit the nail on the head and could not have come at a more perfect time, almost like it was meant to be, thank you for this and I agree with everything you said and would express the same thoughts! I hope you have a lovely weekend and I'm sending a few extra smiles your way! You never have to apologize for rambling either, we all need to get things out and I for one tend to go on and on sometimes! 😉

    Liesl 🙂

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