Easy Recipe: How to make a healthy fruit salad!

When the weather starts getting better outside, I start wanting more fresh foods! I love fresh fruits and fruit salads are one of my favorite ways of getting my 5 fruits a day! 
Lately I’ve been craving strawberries and kiwis (and I’ve actually been taking them as a dessert with my lunch as well!) and I decided to throw them all together!
I don’t really think we can call this a recipe, because I just really threw together what I had at home and voila!
What I used:
One banana
two kiwis
five strawberries
Slice it all in small pieces and you’re done! Add some sugar if you feel like it =D 
And the best way to serve it is with an ice-cold home made lemonade!
Have a good day!




  1. Saturday April 27th, 2013 / 02:48 PM

    Nice! I'm a sucker for strawberries as soon as the sun begins to shine 🙂

    I like strawberries with banana poured with orange juice, yummy!

    Have a great weekend, Rosie!
    xo Irene

  2. Wednesday May 22nd, 2013 / 08:34 PM

    Strawberries are the best!!! I got to try that recipe, never had it like that =D

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