How to keep warm in the winter

Winter has come: the streets are covered with a white blanket and snowflakes keep falling nonstop. But even if looks beautiful in white, it’s also really hard to keep warm when outside!

When I first moved to Austria, I had no idea what I should wear during winter. Evne though I lived here for a year at my aunt’s, it was hard to decide what to wear when the termostat shows negative temperatures and still keep warm. Today I’m sharing with you some tips and tricks on how I keep warm in the icy cold weather!

winter wonderland

image via Unsplash – by Filip Bunkens

Keeping warm during wintertime is hard, but definitely not impossible! You can check some tips out here:

1. The first thing is of course to have a good warm coat. I think everyone knows that! A warm parka is never wrong, it will keep you warm and is often also waterproof. It’s also important that it not only keeps you warm, but also fits you well – you should feel comfortable in it! There are even some parkas that have vests inside that you can remove, so they can be worn in very cold times and also during Autumn or Spring. A good wool coat is also a good choice for Winter.

2. A scarf, something to cover your head and some gloves in wood or cashmere are also an advantage. Gloves don’t really do anything to warm my hands, but I still have a good pair and weat them if it is very cold out. I think you will very rarely see me go out without a scarf and when it is snowing a beanie is also always with me. Did you know your head loses most of your body heat?

3. Warm feet, warm soul. At least I hate having cold feet! I recently started wearing tights under my jeans – I typically get them one number bigger and they keep me warm. I either go for thermal or very thick tights with at least 60 den. Thermal leggings or leggings with a fur lining can also keep you warm under your jeans or when wearing a skirt. 

How to keep warm in Winter

4. Warm sweaters. If you’re like me and don’t like chunky knits, you can dress in layers. I always wear a top, a long-armed shirt and then a sweater or pullover over it. If it is very cold I sometimes wear a cardigan on top of that. Layering always keeps me personally warmer during Winter time.

5. Make it furry! Fur or fake fur can also keep you very warm. A vest without sleeves under your coat would keep you warm – I find the one above very cute and chic! I have a coat from that material that belonged to my mother and it really does keep you toasty while you’re wearing it.

6. Warm boots are a must have! Paired with point 3 they will keep your feet not only warm, but also dry – extremely important when it is snowing. As you know I got my Uggs last year and can only recommend them! Sure, they’re (very) expensive and not exactly the most stylish shoe out there, but they’re the warmest shoes I own.

To keep even warmer you should also drink a lot of hot beverages. Tea, coffee and soups are perfect during Winter time to keep you warm! A thermal bottle can also be of advantage here is you don’t want to give up on your warm coffee while outside. 

How do you keep warm in the Winter? Share your tips with me in the comments below!



  1. Thursday January 5th, 2017 / 02:28 PM

    Super Tipps. Ich mag den Winter ja supergerne, aber bin auch eine absolute Frostbeule. Da kommen deine Tipps wie gerufen.
    Liebe Grüße Jessy von Kleidermaedchen

  2. Saturday January 7th, 2017 / 08:25 PM

    Super schöner Beitrag! 🙂 Ich mag Deine Auswahl an Klamotten sehr gerne. 🙂
    Im Winter trage ich sehr gerne Thermo Leggings & warme Boots!

    Hab noch ein schönes Wochenende! 🙂


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