How to: Be and stay positive!

Hey hey everyone!!!

As I already stated in a previous post, I decided to make an advice series…this being because, well, my friends who read the blog told me to! Haha the reality is, I’m quite the adviser when it’s needed and hey, why not share it here on the blog as well, right?

Well…one of the things I get asked the most is “How do you stay positive?” and quite honestly whenever someone asks me that I’m like “Have you met me?!”..the truth is, I might sound extremely positive on the blog…but in real life, I’m quite the pessimist…


That being said, no, I’m not being fake here on the blog when I post positive quotes…that’s what I think and feel, everyone should be positive!! But I also know first hand how hard that can be!


Do I feel like everyone should try to see the best in themselves? Absolutely!! No questions asked, no second thoughts, it’s a big fat YES! I do believe whenever I’m positive, things seem easier, but I just seem to get on the pessimist side of things sometimes…


So, what do I do when I’m being pessimistic, think the world’s gonna end and that there is absolutely no way things are gonna go right? I cry. Yes, I cry!! For a while, then I call my Mr, when he’s not with me at the moment, and proceed by “cralking” (term I just made up that means I cry and talk at the same time) for half an hour…that usually leads to him being really understanding and trying not to say the wrong thing that would make the crying worse, because then there would be really no way he would understand me (“cralking” is a rather difficult communication method to understand…).


Ok, seriously now, I cry, then I pick myself up, call friends, go on Facebook and talk to my besties, text my friend A so that he’ll yell at me not to be so f*cking depressing and last but not least, I go on blogs I find inspiring, like Liesl’s amazing blog, and read their inspiring posts over and over again!!


Bottom line is, it’s ok not to be always positive, just like it is ok not to be always ok…lets be realistic, life’s a bitch and sometimes likes to show it!! The trick, for me, is not to let myself get into that depressive state where I don’t get out of bed (and look like a zombie when I do) and only eat chocolate. I surround myself with positive people who I know won’t mind me being a bit down, like my friend Cat from my university! She’s always there for me, even when her life’s also being a bitch at the moment!! I mean, one day I had a breakdown at the uni and started crying and all of that and she was there holding my hand and giving me her shoulder and two hours later she was the one breaking down…that’s true friendship right there!!!


Surround yourself with positive and supportive friends…and if you’re surrounded by people who’ll only put you down even more and not show any support, then I think it’s time you change the people that you hang out with…It’s hard and sometimes we think we’re not good enough or are afraid to cut someone out of our lives because we think we won’t find any other friends and will be alone…but the question you have to ask yourself is, are they really, truly your friends? I’m a firm believer of only letting some people in my life, my real private and personal life…and I can count them in two hands!! 



Know who you are and more importantly, know you are worth it and you should have people in your life who love you for you and not someone who will put you down!


Do you struggle with being positive all the time? Let me know, I always like to know what you guys feel, so I don’t feel so alone out there! =P
Have an amazing week!



  1. Nora
    Sunday April 14th, 2013 / 10:54 AM

    You are positive! You always are so positive when you answer e-mails I send and you are very sweet!


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