Hot hot day!

It’s hot as f*** here in Linz today…I’ve kept all of the windows closed with the blinds shut and a fan running. Donald really appreciates the fan and lies in front of it all day long. Daisy just sleeps and only gets up to drink water.

So today I filmed a video that will be up later today on my youtube channel. It’s a 10 Facts about me video and I hope y’all like it! Make sure you let me know what you thought 😉


Anyways, this was the makeup I wore…my bruise is almost gone (ok the makeup helps haha) yay!!! And no, no one hit me, it’s because of my wisdom tooth operation from last week…I’m still somewhat swollen, but whatever!


I’m also wearing false lashes for the first time ever in these pictures!!! What do you guys think? I chose some pretty natural ones and they’re from Ardele! 


Anyways, I just wanted to drop by to say hi!

Have a great day everyone!! And don’t forget to check out my video!



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