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Hello there!!!

A few days ago my Dad surprised me with some okras (a vegetable called “quiabo” in portuguese!) It’s very common in Africa and he bought it to surprise my boyfriend because he knew he would like them (I had mentioned it), but since we’re not together anymore, and my ex has gone M.I.A., my Dad decided to use them himself! It’s a vegetable that I LOVE and can’t get enough of, so of course I was super happy I was going to have them for dinner last night! 

Want to know how they turned out? Keep reading!


This is how they look raw! We let them in water for a while, so they wouldn’t need to cook that long! Then we boiled them in water and set them aside!

After that we boiled some Penne and then made a tomato sauce with some onions and garlic and some pork meat and, of course spices! 

In the end we brought everything together and we got this:


It tasted AMAZING!!! It is so good and healthy at the same time! I love it that my Dad can cook just about everything =D

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Have a fantastic Saturday!!!

xo Rose


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