Happy (belated) New Year!

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Make 2012 your only private red carpet!!!
Hello my lovelies!!! Happy 2012!!!
I’m sorry I’m kinda late with this post..but I’ve only had the chance to put it up now (note to self: figure out scheduled posting!)
So, hope you all had a great 2011 and that 2012 gets to be even better! 
This past year was so hectic…I feel like so much happened! And in some ways, it did! I had my first real heartbreak…I got over it and am happier than ever now..I found new friends…found out some ‘old’ friends weren’t that real..got to meet new people..Lost some really close people to my heart that I will never ever forget! Started this blog and am starting to get more readers…for me it’s about reaching out to you guys, not how many read it..it’s not about a number, but about how many people I can help with this blog! 
But most of all..the thing I feel is the most important that I take with me from 2011 is that I got to know myself a little bit better! I learned that love hurts, but that I can get over it and that if it didn’t work out, it wasn’t supposed to and the only thing to do is be happy about what I took from it! I learned that I deserve someone who likes me and is sure he does lol but mostly I learned to be happy =) And to share my happiness!
I’m not really one to do New Years Resolutions, mostly because I’m really bad at sticking to them lol but I have some things I always try to do and those are:
  • To be the better person I can possibly be, that means helping others and don’t do to others what I wouldn’t like them to do to me!
  • Helping other people, because that is the BEST feeling in the world! When someone e-mails me asking for advice, it makes my day knowing I can help someone!
  • Try no to stress so much! Because..I’m a pretty stressed person lol I like everything scheduled (well..not everything! But if there is a dinner, I like to have an hour established!)
So yeah…those are my ramblings for the day! I wish you all a GREAT and AMAZING 2012!!
Let me know in the comments what YOUR New Year’s Resolutions are!!!
xoxo Rose


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