Goodbye November, hello December

The time has come, a new month has started and it’s time to say: “Goodbye November, Hello December”.

How my November was and what I am excited for about Decemeber is what I am sharing with you today. 


Goodbye November, Hello December

November was a hard month for me. Healthwise I had better and worse days. But what really kept me busy was the situation at work, or better said, the company I was at.

As some of you already know, I was a victim of mobbing in my old company. I will write a more detailed Post about it in the future, who knows if I can help someone with it. After a lot of thought and having talked to both Markus and my doctors, it was best for me and my health to leave the company. So I resigned per the 15th of November. Luckily they accepted it to be on both parts, probably because they were scared I would sue them.

But if I look at the whole picture, I can consider myself lucky: even I do have a lot on my plate with fibromyalgia and what happened at work was psychologically draining, I do have good people around me. Markus is always there for me, just as my parents – whom I can call anytime. My doctors are also all very friendly and really take the health of the patients seriously.

Im Siebten Himmel Spittelberg in Wien - Flagshipstore.

But not everything was bad in November! 

I got to go twice to Vienna! First to check the new Location of the Im Siebten Himmel shop in Spittelberg – where I also got to see some blogging friends – and secondly I got to go to an online marketing seminar. The seminar was given by the lovely Pia Römer and I really got to learn a lot of things that I will use in the future. Meeting old and new contacts always make me happy.

Earlier this week I also met with some bloggers of Linz, in our Linzer Blogger Meeting on Monday. I also got to see some known faces and meet some new people. We talked a lot and laughed even more. 

Rosie von Waldherr

I even went to two different Christmas Markets in November! Once in Haid and of course in Linz too. I am already excited for the weekend, we’ll meet some friends and check the Christmas Markets in Linz. Next week Markus and I will drive to Vienna and check the markets there – a good reason to visit the city again, right? 

What I’m most excited about is seeing my parents on Christmas again! Markus is coming this time and will experience Portugal in the Winter – lets see how he likes it. 

And I’m also happy for new blogging adventures!

How was your November? What are you most excited about in December? 


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