Good ones stay!

Hello everyone..
I know I have been quite absent from the blog. Between classes and papers due, I had no time to stop by…
This last month was a hard one in some ways…and a very good one in others.. I lost a friend…but as time goes by I realize more and more how wonderful my boyfriend is! 
He helps me, supports me and never stops making fun of me! Always know what to say and when to joke about things.. I can truly say I have never had a relationship like this before, where everything meets the eye! He’s more than just a boyfriend, he’s a friend as well and I never really had a relationship where friendship and love combined (don’t get me wrong, I had some good relationships, just not as good and complete as this one).
But things weren’t only daisies and butterflies (as my Dad says). I lost a very dear friend of mine. He had been sick for a very very long time..and eventually went to pass away last Wednesday. Me and a couple of friends had the opportunity to say our goodbyes and actually be with him during his last moments. He was very peaceful and ready, not sad at all. I know he didn’t want us to be sad, but we were.. I tried to be ok, and the sentence I uttered the most on Thursday was “I’m ok! No, really, I am!”, but eventually during my English Linguistics class I had a major breakdown and ran out of the classroom crying. My best friend H. followed me and hugged me and made jokes until I was better. 
I truly am blessed to have such good friends in my life!! Even if in these last few months I have been disappointed and lost some people I had thought were gonna be in my life forever, I still have good friends. My best friend E. always tells me “Those who know you, really KNOW you, know who you are and want to be in your life. To those who don’t want to, aren’t there for you and make up lies about you to other friends, aren’t worth it!” and he’s quite right. 
I am one to hold on to things…not to give up on a friendship when I think it is worth it. But when someone lies about the fight they had with me to other friends of ours, they are just playing dirty. And I don’t play dirty. Some people let us down, but that is part of life.. If they can’t see what they’ve done and let their pride tare down a friendship of years, then it wasn’t meant to be..
So, when I saw this picture I just remembered what my friends like E., H., A., R., Di and even my boyfriend keep telling me:
I wish you all a great week! I will see you all in a next post (hopefully not this long or sad)!
And for all of you who are starting your finals this weeks, Good Luck!!!
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Be happy and nice and don’t forget to smile! =D


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