The Good Hair Day event

Before we went on vacation I got an invite to attend the ghd event in Vienna, which took place last Monday. I had never attended a blogger event, partly because most of them take place in Vienna and partly because it always made me very anxious attending events where I don’t know anyone. How this event went you can find out down below!


The event took place in the G-Room Salon in Vienna and we had been informed that it was a workshop with ghd to get to know their new products. However, once we got there, we were told that we would also get a scalp analysis, our hair washed and then styled with the O’Right products. This was a surprise to all of us – even though at first I thought it was just me that didn’t read the email right.

 We had the amazing and talented Maikel June Bleyer giving us the workshop and I have to tell you guys, he’s not only a good artist, he’s also very nice. Of course, me being me, I didn’t realize who he was until much later!

He not only taught us how to make different types of waves and curls on mannequin heads, he also gave us personal tips on how to get the best locks ever. 

Did you know the perfect temperature to style your hair is 185ºC? The ghd tools are automatically regulated at that temperature.

After the workshop, I got my scalp analysis – which basically is when a very close-up (and unflattering) photograph is taken of your scalp. I gotta say, I was pretty skeptical when I first got mine taken and got to talk to the lady. Mainly because I didn’t believe changing shampoos would make much of a difference. Boy, was I wrong!


Since last year I’ve had the feeling that my scalp was getting oilier and my ends were drying up over time. I’d use a ton of dry shampoo and oil on my ends. Well, the biggest thing I learned in this workshop was that the products you use make a lot of difference. You need to think of it like this: the roots of the hair are supposed to be little holes. Mine were completely clogged with product! All the dry shampoo and all of the silicone based products I was using made it only worse. 

Did you know the skin on your head ages 6x faster than the skin on your face?

After the scalp analysis, I went to get my hair washed. Because I tend to sweat a lot from my scalp in the hot months, we decided to wash it with the Ice Shampoo and then use the Yogurt Mask. Afterwards we sprayed the Cooling and Refreshing spray, which leaves a very cool minty feeling on your scalp – really! I then got my hair styled by the lovely Patricia and it looked amazing.


With two lovely blogger fellows, Azra from According to Azra and Vivienne “Amy” from Miss Amyable!

The next day I even tried Maikel’s tips on myself at home and I have to say the result came our pretty nice – excluding the burn on my finger. 

One of the tips he gave us when doing curls on ourselves, is to not take the iron or straightener to our back – as it’s our instinct to do, but to instead curl it to the front (it doesn’t matter if you’re doing curls away or to your face) and turn the iron the way you want to get the desired curls or waves. I have to say, it really works! Judge for yourself:


I never had such pretty curls done by myself before!

I was very nervous, because I’d never gone to a blogger event before. I thought no one would want to talk to me and that I’d just feel lost and like I didn’t belong – kind of like I usually feel in situations with a lot of people. But this was completely different! For the first time I was surrounded by people who share the same love for blogging as I do! Some of them even knew who I was and read the blog, which was something that really surprised me! Somehow I haven’t realized it yet, that people actually read the blog. I see the numbers, but I don’t really think of the people behind them. 

I loved going to this event and will definitely go to more in the future! And hopefully we will start having more events take place in Linz, since we’re already a good group of bloggers up here!


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